Supervision Conducted over ART CHANNEL TV and SHENJA TV


Skopje, 11 July 2018 – The Agency conducted regular programme supervision over the work of ART CHANNEL TV from Tetovo concerning its obligation to ensure that at least 10 % of its budget for purchasing programme be spent for European audiovisual works by independent producers, where at least half of these have been produced in the last five years, as well as to ensure that at least 51 % of the entire programmed aired throughout the year be European audiovisual works. The supervision found that these broadcaster had acted in line with the relevant legal obligations.

The Agency also conducted control programme supervision over Shenja TV from Skopje to establish if the latter had acted in line with the obligation to air daily at least 50 % of programme originally made in the RM, in the Macedonian language or the languages of the non-majority communties living in Macedonia, half of which should be in the period from 7:00 until 19:00 hrs.

The supervision indicated that the above broadcaster had failed to act upon the Decision imposing a warning measure that had previously sent to it by the Agency.

The respective supervision reports may be donwloaded at the following links:

TV ART CHANNEL  – (Article 91, Paragraph 1, of the LAAVMS) – 11.07.2018
TV ART CHANNEL – (Article 91, Paragraph 2, of the LAAVMS) – 11.07.2018
SHENJA TV – (Article 92, Paragraphs 1 and 14, of the LAAVMS) – 11.07.2018