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04.08.2009 The Broadcasting Council has requested from the operators of public communication networks to switch off the television channels that are without regulated copyrights

Today, the Broadcasting Council of the Republic of Macedonia has requested from the operators of public communication networks (cable operators and IPTV operators) to end the retransmission of the television programme services...

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24.06.2009 The Broadcasting Council is starting a public debate regarding the proposed modifications of the Law on Broadcasting Activity

The improvement of the provisions of the Law on Broadcasting Activity in the part of media concentration, collecting of the broadcasting fee, protection of copyrights and related rights, protection of minors...

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Director of Agency

The Director of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services is Mr. Zoran Trajcevski, Ph. D., who was elected at the 12th Session of the Agency’s Council, held on 7 October 2014.

In March 2013, Mr. Trajcevski obtained his Ph. D. degree in economic sciences, from the Faculty of Economy and Engineering Management in Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia. His doctoral dissertation was titled “Liberalization of the Electronic Communications Market and Management of the Companies”. He also holds M.A. degrees in mechanical engineering and in economics.

Mr. Trajcevski is the former Director of the Agency for Electronic Communications and a connoisseur of the legislation related to media and electronic communications.

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13.05.2009 The Broadcasting Council will remain consistent in the politics of independent and professional working

On its session today, The Broadcasting Council (BC) has reviewed the current situation in the broadcasting area.

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04.05.2009 The Broadcasting Council encourages the media to continue the efforts for independent and professional journalism

On today’s session, on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, the members of the Broadcasting Council (BC) have sent an appeal to all media professionals...

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30.04.2009г. СООПШТЕНИЕ
There is no translation available for this article..."
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23.04.2009г. СООПШТЕНИЕ
There is no translation available for this article..."
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16.04.2009 The President of the Broadcasting Council and the OSCE Ambassador make a mutual positive assessment of the work of the BC during the elections

The Broadcasting Council (BC) carried out the monitoring of the media during the last elections in a very professional manner...

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