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Regular Supervision Conducted over the Work of 13 Broadcasters Regarding Ensuring Funds for European Audiovisual Works

Skopje, 17.07.2017 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services conducted regular programme supervision over the work of 13 broadcasters, as follows: Makedonska Radiotelevizija – MRT 1, Alfa TV DOOEL Skopje, Alsat – M DOO Skopje, Kanal 5 DOOEL Skopje, TV Sitel DOOEL Skopje, TV Telma DOOEL Skopje, Nasha TV DOOEL Skopje, 24 Vesti DOOEL Shtip, TV Kompani 21-M DOOEL Skopje, TV Shenja DOOEL Skopje, TV Sitel 3 DOOEL Skopje, TV Sonce DOOEL Prilep and Kanal 5 Plus DOOEL Skopje.

The supervision was conducted for the purpose of establishing if the broadcasters that air programmes at the national level had set aside at least 10 % of their budgets allocated for programmes in 2016 for obtaining European audiovisual works by independent producers, where at least half of the works had been produced in the past five years.

The supervision found that all above-stated broadcasters had acted in line with the legal provisions. 

The respective reports can be downloaded at the following links:

Makedonska Radiotelevizija – MRT 1

Alfa TV DOOEL Skopje 

Alsat – M DOO Skopje 

Kanal 5 DOOEL Skopje

TV Sitel DOOEL Skopje  

TV Telma DOOEL Skopje 

Naša TV DOOEL Skopje 

24 Vesti DOOEL Štip  

TV Kompani 21-M DOOEL Skopje 

TV Šenja DOOEL Skopje 

TV Sitel 3 DOOEL Skopje 

TV Sonce DOOEL Prilep 

Kanal 5 Plus DOOEL Skopje 









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