Exchange of experiences between the regulatory authorities of the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Slovenia


SKOPJE, 28.11.2014– Representatives of the Broadcasting Council of the Republic of Slovenia visited the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services of the Republic of Macedonia on 27 and 28 November. The Slovenian delegation was composed of the following persons: Dejan Jelovac, President of the Broadcasting Council of the Republic of Slovenia,

Valerej Grashich, Deputy President, Jerenej Markikj and Borivoj Kos, members of the Broadcasting Council and Robi Brglez, Secretary.

The Director of the Agency, Zoran Trajchevski, PhD, informed the attendees of the composition, competencies and the scope of work of the Agency; Andriana Skrlev-Chakar, PhD, Head of the Professional Service, informed of the composition and the organizational structure of the Professional Service of the Agency, while Emilija Janevska, MA, Head of the Programme Works Departmnent, Katerina Donevska, Associate in the Department for Research and Long-term Development, and Vladimir Gjorgjievski, MA, Senior Associate of the Department for Prevention of Piracy and Copyright and Related Rights Protection also had their presentations.

During the meeting, the manners in which the Agency carries out the programme, administrative and professional supervision were presented, as well as the monitoring plans, the methodology, the monitoring scope, the monitoring dynamics, as well as the potential sanctions. In addition, there were discussions on the media literacy, the legal provisions that regulate this area and the role of the regulator in the promotion of media literacy.

The manners on establishing the illegal media concentration were explained, and experiences were exchanged in reference with the copyrights protection and prevention of piracy in the broadcasters’ programmes and the programme services retransmitted through the operators of the public electronic communication networks.