Election Silence Due to Repeated Voting in Chair Municipality Applicable to Broadcasters at the National Level and Regional Broadcasters Airing Programme on Skopje Territory


Skopje, 11 November 2017 – Due to repeated second round of the 2017 Local Elections in Chair Municipality, there will be election silence today and tomorrow (12 November) until 19 hrs.

Broadcasters airing programme at the national level and those at the regional level that air programme on the territory of Skopje, have an obligation to observe the rules for reporting during election silence under the Electoral Code, Article 76-b, Paragraph 3, according to which media outlets shall continue reporting about the elections and the course of voting, but must not air any of the forms of electoral presentation in the media.

While reporting on the days to which election silence applies, media outlets will be seen as violating the same in case they broadcast, i.e. publish, any information, photographs, audio or audiovisual materials related to or involving participants in the elections; any forms of media reporting that are openly or covertly serving one’s election campaign and may as such influence the voters’ decision; any data revealing the identity of the political entities and/or individuals involved in incidents or other irregularities on the Election Day, as well as statements by election candidates, participants in the election campaign, political party representatives or government officials.