Expenditures Incurred by the Agency Director in the 2nd Half of 2017


Skopje, 26 March 2018 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services welcomes and joins in the Macedonian Government’s initiative for accountability of the public office holders with regard to their expenditures. The Agency’s operations have always been open, public and transparent, and it has regularly included all interested parties in its activities. The Agency submits reports on its work, in the form of annual reports, to the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. These reports also contain data about the financial operations and have been published on the Agency’s website ever since 2009.

In the context of the initiate to publish the expenditures of the holders of public offices, we wish to inform the public that, in the period from 1 June until 31 December 2017, Agency Director Zoran Trajchevski incurred expenditures totaling MKD 345,896.00 while performing his official duties, as follows:

  1. Official trips abroadMKD 172,779.00, of which:
  • MKD 96,943.00 for airline tickets;
  • MKD 75,836.00 for hotel accommodation.
  1. Representation expenses in the Republic of Macedonia – MKD 152,620.00, of which:
  • MKD 76,000.00 for catering services for the Regional Conference of Media Regulatory Authorities
  • MKD 76.620,00 for 0ther catering services
  1. Official mobile phone services – MKD 20,497.00, of which:
  • Mobile phone-call expenditures – MKD 17,346.00 (monthly flat rate amounts to MKD 2,478.00)
  • Roaming expenditures – MKD 3,151.00