Warning Measures Imposed against SHENJA TV, Televizija Nova and the Leona Magazine


Skopje, 23 April 2018 – Based on the findings of a regular administrative supervision over the programmes of Shenja TV and Televizija Nova, indicating disregard for the obligation to publish an Impressum, the Agency imposed warning measures against the two broadcasters.

A warning measure was also imposed against the publisher of Leona Magazine, due to failure to publish the media publlisher’s address and data about the printing plant and the date of printing or reprinting.

The imposed measures may be downloaded at the following links:
Shenja TV  (Article 14 of the Media Law – 23.04.2018
Televizija Nova – Article 14 of the Media Law – 23.04.2018
Leona–  Article 14, Paragraph 1, of the Media Law – 23.04.2018