Skopje, 8 December 2020 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services condemns the inappropriate conduct of the MP and leader of the LEVICA (Left) political party, Professor Dimitar Apasiev, towards the journalists Gabriela Dimkovic-Mishevska and Meri Jordanovska of the “A1on” online media outlet.

Given that media are one of the pillars of democracy and, as such, should be free from any kind of pressure and threats, everyone – politicians and office holders in particular – should refrain from belittling, discrediting and labeling journalists. Public oversight is one of the cornerstones of freedom of political debate, and the incumbents may be subject to strong public criticism via the media, and due to this, instead of using inappropriate communication, the latter should be aware of the weight and responsibility for every word they utter.

The Agency wishes to remind again of the need to abide by the European standards of the right to know and urges not to use a language that may undermine these values.