Skopje, 26.04.2021 – Why do you need media literacy?; How does media literacy relates to education, media, movies, libraries?; What does it mean to be a journalist?; Responsibility on the Internet; Hate Speech; Rumours; Intercultural Communications…The Media Literacy Network will make an effort to answer all these questions and bring light to many other related topics and issues through its latest online campaign that is being launched today.

During the next ten weeks, one informative ‘poster’ will be shared each working day, in order to raise awareness about the need for critical use of the media and media content. The campaign opens two newchannels for the Network’s communication with the citizens,via Twitter (@MediumPismenost) and on the Instagram (@mrezazamediumskapismenost). The posters will be published through these social media, as well as on the Network’s Facebook page (@MrezaZaMediumskaPismenost).

The campaign is being realized on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the Network’s foundation, as it was formally established on 27 April 2017, on the initiative of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, by 35 members (institutions, civil society organizations, educational institutions and media), while currently, it has 63 members.

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