Journalists of Several European Media Pay Visit to the Agency


Skopje, 04.04.2017 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services hosted today a visit by a group of journalists from several European Media, including the Deutsche Welle Radio from Germany, Rai3 Radio and Radio Popolare from Italy,and the National Spanish Radio from Spain; the print media outlets Wiener Zеitung from Austria, La Libre from Belgium, Trud from Bulgaria; Hospodarske Noviny from the Czech Republic; Luxemburger Wort from Luxemburg; Evenimentul Zilei from Romania; Altinget from Sweden; Groene Amsterdammer from the Netherlands; The Gardian from Great Britain; the ORF Television from Austria and the Athens News Agency from Greece. The goal of the journalists’ visit was to obtain a closer look at the work of the regulatory authority and the manner of conducting monitoring in particular.

Slika_poseta_na_novinariAt the meeting, the Agency underlined its authorities as well as the activities it had been undertaking with regard to media literacy, ensuring media accessibility for persons with sensory impairments, the treatment of gender issues, the right to reply and correction and the professional standards in the media.

арди The journalists had an opportunity to learn about the characteristics of the new system for monitoring media contents (FROPS), obtained with the EU’s financial support through the IPA 2011 Project. Unlike before, with the help of this system the signals of all domestic broadcasters and operators of public electronic communication networks are now being collected at the Agency’s Headquarters.