Election Silence Starts Tonight at Midnight

Skopje, 23.12.2016 – Based on the decision of the State Election Commission to repeat the voting at Polling Station No. 2011, Tearce municipality, on 25 December 2016, the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services informs the broadcastersthat, starting from tonight at midnight, until 19:00 hrs on 25 December 2016, the election silence rules apply.
During the election silence, the media shall cease all forms of media election presentation of the participants in the election campaign.
According to the Electoral Code, the broadcasting of any information, photographs, audio and audio-visual materials related to or involving participants in the elections; any form of media reporting that openly or covertly serves one’s campaign and may influence the voters’ decision; any data that reveal the identity of the political entities and/or individuals involved in incidents or other irregularities on the day of voting, as well as statements made by candidates in the electoral process, representatives of political parties and officials in the state administration bodies, shall be considered as violation of the election silence.