Skopje, 27 August 2019 – Rights after yesterday’s broadcast of Alfa TV’s “Zbor po zbor” (Word by Word) show, the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services conducted an ad-hoc programme supervision in the line of its duty and found that this television media outlet had violated two of the principles of performing its business activity.

Namely, by the way in which it formulated the topic to be communicated to the viewers, Alfa TV acted unprofessionally and contrary to the legal principles of “fostering and promoting the individual’s human and moral values” and “equal freedoms and rights regardless of one’s gender”.

Alfa TV had made an editorial decision to use an expression that is discriminatory and offensive, i.e. is used to label and derogate the members of the LGBTI community. The TV is aware that the use of such a term is unprofessional, as indicated by the fact that the show host avoided using it, and even stated that choosing this word was not her decision. Also, in this concrete situation, the media outlet did not distinguish between the responsibility it bears when reporting on events that had taken place and when it itself is the source of discrediting expressions.

The Agency reminds the media outlets, as it recently reminded the politicians, that adhering to the European standards of freedom of information implies that – when encouraging public debate on current issues, they should strive to keep the discussion at a dignified level, rather than contributing to its degradation.