Skopje, 11 September 2019 – The Ministry of Internal Affairs sent a letter to the Agency seeking a reaction on its part regarding the manner in which several internet-based media outlets had reported about the incident that had taken place at a football match in the village of Volino, Debrca, on 8 September 2019. The Agency has no jurisdiction over the Internet-based media, and it informed the Ministry of Interior accordingly, but the letter prompted it to inspect how the incident had been covered by the national and television broadcasters airing programme in the area where it had taken place.

The inspection found that the television stations that had reported on the incident had not violated the programme principles and standards, as they had conveyed differing views and opinions in the reports covering this topic, and had used several sources of information, including the Ministry of Interior.

The Agency appeals, as it has done many times before, that all media outlets present events objectively and impartially, providing equal treatment of the diverse views and opinions, so as to enable the audience to freely form their opinion on particular events and issues. Internet-based media should not be an exception, even though they are not subject to regulation.