Public Hearing Opened on Two Draft Guidelines and one Draft Rulebook on Amending and Supplementing Rulebooks

Skopje, 28 February 2020 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services opened today a public hearing on the following drafts:

– Draft Guidelines on the manner of registering and deleting legal representatives of foreign broadcasters in the Register of Legal Representatives of Broadcasters from Other States Which Retransmit Programmes on the Territory of the RN Macedonia, including the respective Form;

– Draft Guidelines on the procedure of establishing the responsibility for committed violation or misdemeanour when retransmitting the programme services of broadcasters from other states; and

– Draft Guidelines on amending and supplementing the Rulebook on the Content and Format of the Application Form for enrolment into the Register of Operators Retransmitting Programme Packages, and the Programme Package/Service Registration Certificate, No. 01-5775/1, dated 21.11.2014.

The Agency calls on all interested parties to participate in the Public Hearing on the above draft documents and to submit their opinions and proposals in writing electronically, to: contact@avmu.mk.

Due to the current conditions resulting from the global pandemic of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the Government’s recommendations aimed at preventing the spread of the outbreak, the deadline for the Public Debate is being extended for another 30 days, which will be counted from the day the state of emergency in the country will be terminated.