Public Hearing on Two Draft Guidelines and one Draft Rulebook on Amending and Supplementing a Rulebook


Skopje, 14.05.2020 – Pursuant to the Decree with legal force on amending and supplementing the Decree with legal force on implementing the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services during a state of emergency (Official Gazette of the RN Macedonia, No. 123/20), a public hearing on the following bylaws:

– Draft- Guidelines on the Methods of Registering and Removing Legal Representatives of Foreign Broadcasters in and from the Register of Legal Representatives of Foreign Broadcasters Retransmitting on the Territory of the RM Macedonia, including a Form; 

– Draft-Guidelines on the Procedure of Establishing the Responsibility for Violations Committed While Retransmitting Programme Services of Foreign Broadcasters, and

– Draft-Rulebook on Amending and Supplementing the Rulebook on the Content and Form of the Application to Enter the Register of Operators Retransmitting Programme Packages and the Programme Package/Services Registration Certificate, No.01-5775/1 dated 21.11.2014, including four attachments to the Draft-Rulebook,

“may be conducted using the means of electronic communication, and the same shall last 15 days from the date of entry into force of this decree with legal force.”

In this regard, the Agency invites all interested parties to take part in the public hearing on these draft documents, and to submit their opinions and proposals in writing electronically to by 27.05.2020 at the latest.