New Rules for the Price Lists for Paid Political Advertising


Skopje, 17 September 2021 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services informs the broadcasters that the newly adopted amendments to the Electoral Code (Official Gazette of the Republic of North Macedonia, No. 215, dated 16.09.2021) stipulate a new method of establishing the pricelists for broadcasting paid political advertising (PPA), which will be applied for the Local Elections 2021. Due to this, an additional deadline has been set for submitting the price lists.

According to the amendments to Article 75-f of the Electoral Code, the broadcasters should determine their own average price (arithmetic mean) per second per day, obtained based on different advertising-price time periods for broadcasting PPA, as follows: Period 1 – from 00:00 hrs to 08:00 hrs, Period 2 – from 08:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs, and Period 3 – from 16:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs, where it must not exceed the total average price for advertising of each of the broadcasters separately, calculated considering the last five election cycles held at the level of the entire territory of the country.

The broadcasters that have already been registered with the SEC should not submit new requests – they are obliged to submit new (amended) price lists. All other broadcasters that have not been included in the SEC’s Register previously, have the right to submit new requests with the SEC and to register for PPA broadcasting. The deadline for registration and submission of pricelists is 19 September (Sunday) until 24:00 hrs, after which the State Election Commission should verify and announce the pricelists.

Those broadcasters who shall not act in tune with the new legal amendments in a timely fashion, shall lose their right to be registered for paid political advertising.