Announcement of Public Opinion Poll Results To be Halted at Midnight on Monday


Skopje, 23 October 2021 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services reminds the broadcasters that, in line with the Electoral  Code, the results of public opinion polls related to the 2021 Local Elections can be published no later than five days before the date scheduled as Election Day for the second election round, i.e. no later than 25 October 2021, at 24:00 hrs.

When publishing the results of the public opinion polls related to the participants in the election process, the media are obliged to provide data on the name of the client who has ordered and paid for the poll, the institution that has conducted the survey, the methodology applied, the size and structure of the sample and the period within which the poll has been conducted.

The results of public opinion polls conducted on the Election Day must not be published before the closing of the polling stations.