Radio Stations May Voluntarily Declare Amounts of Domestic Music They Intend to Air by 5 January 2022


Skopje, 10 December 2021 – With regard to the legally prescribed option for the radio stations to voluntarily declare the percentages of domestic music they intend to broadcast, the radio stations that will decide to broadcast domestic music in 2022, with the purpose of having their license fees deducted, should report the intended amounts to the Agency no later than 5 January 2022.

For the voluntarily registered percentage of domestic music, i.e. music in Macedonian and in the languages ​​of the ethnic communities living in the country, the minimum reduction of the fee on these grounds may be 10%, and the maximum – 30%.

The radio programme services may broadcast more than 30% of music in Macedonian and in the languages ​​of the ethnic communities, however, the license fee shall be reduced up to 30%.

The registration is done in the way that the radio broadcaster submits a letter (signed and stamped) electronically, to the following e-mail address: .

The notification concerning the opportunity to voluntarily declare intended amounts of domestic music to be aired is available at this link.