Monitoring of the Coverage of Elections by TV Edo and TV Shenja


Skopje, 8 December 2016 – While monitoring the coverage of the elections by TV Edo DOOEL s. Ljubin, Saraj and TV Shenja DOOEL Skopje, the Agency detected violation of certain articles of the Electoral Code.

The monitoring of TV Edo DOOEL s. Ljubin, Saraj indicated violation of Article 75-f, Paragraph 1, i.e. more than 8 minutes of paid political advertising by the ruling political parties aired per real hour. The monitoring over TV Shenja DOOEL Skopje found violation of Article 77, Paragraph 2, which refers to the rules concerning announcement of public opinion poll results.

The reports on the conducted monitoring are available at the following links:

– TV Edo DOOEL, s Ljubin, Saraj 

– TV Shenja DOOEL Skopje