The Agency issued an order for disconnection of the programme services TV OBN and Happy TV

Skopje, 12 December 2014 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services conducted a programme supervision of the programme packages of the operators, whereby it was found that the programme service TV OBN was retransmitted contrary to the signed contracts, that is the programme content of this programme service was retransmitted in full, and not as stated in the contracts signed with the broadcaster.

Regarding the retransmission of the programme service Happy TV, insight into the submitted documentation was made, whereby it was concluded that it did not comply with the Rulebook on the manner of submission of supporting documentation to the submissions and applications delivered to the archives of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services  No.01-4993/1 dated 14 October 2014, and the Rulebook on the content and form of the application for registration in the registry of operators that retransmit programme packages and the registration certificate of the programme packages/ services No.01-5775/ 1  dated 21 November 2014.

Considering the facts stated above, the Agency ordered the operators that retransmit the programme services TV OBN and Happy TV to immediately exclude them from their programme packages. The Agency will monitor the compliance with the issued order for exclusion and if it finds that it has not been acted upon the order, in accordance with its legal responsibilities, it will submit a request for initiation of criminal proceedings.