May15, 2013 Laurie Walker, NATO representative visiting the Broadcasting Council

Skopje, May 15, 2013 – The competent representative of the NATO office for the record of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Laurie Walker, visited today the Broadcasting Council. The visit was aimed at assessing the status of implementation of the Action Plan on Membership,

within the 14th cycle, and the degree of implementation of the goals and activities presented in the Annual National Programme on Membership of the Republic of Macedonian in NATO 2012-2013.

A number of issues were discussed at the meeting: media coverage of the election campaign during the local elections in 2013, respecting the Election Code, the Rulebook on the conduct of broadcasters in the period before the start of the election campaign, the Rulebook on equal approach in the media presentation during the election campaign , the measures that the Broadcasting Council has imposed on the media, then the drawing up of the new Law on Media and the participation of the Broadcasting Council in this process, treatment of the occurrence of hate speech in the media and compliance with the professional principles and ethical standards by the media.