28.12.2011 A Meeting was held at BC with TV Sitel and TV Alsat-M about the broadcast of the TV serial “Valley of the Wolves”


SKOPJE, 28.12.2011 – Today, two separate meetings were held at BC with representatives from TV Sitel and TV Alsat-M regarding the broadcast of the series “Valley of the Wolfs”, whose main goal was to improve the protection of minors.

BC emphasized that due to the excessive violence, this TV serial must be aired after 22.00 o’clock and to be categorized as a “contend which is not recommended for minors under the age of 16”. The same goes for the broadcast of the re-runs  of the serial, which are also a subject of the same program category. BC will tolerate broadcast of the re-runs also before 22:00, only if the broadcasters – with prior approval from the producer – pre-edit the content in order to reduce the scenes of violence.

The meeting the representatives from TV Sitel and TV Alsat-M was initiated by the BC after the regular monitoring confirmed that the content of this serial must be categorized for “16+ audience” and because of the complains of citizens about excessive violence which could negative effect  the mental, physical and moral development of the minors. Both broadcasters will adhere to the instructions, given from the BC.