27.12.2011 BC prolonged the Deadline of Four Satellite Televisions to start Broadcasting over Satellite


SKOPJE, 27.12.2011 – On today’s session, BC reviewed the information regarding the respect of the obligation of the satellite televisions to broadcast over satellite as primary delivery platform. In order to collect additional facts in regard to the satellite broadcast,

the BC-members decided to prolong the deadline until 15th of February 2012 for the four broadcasters (TV BM, Nasha TV, Jungle TV and Perspektiva TV-Skaj Net Plus, all from Skopje) to adjust their work according to the Broadcasting Law and the approved license.

BC decided to inform MRT about its activities taken in relation to MRT’s request for sanctioning TV Alfa; at the same time BC emphasized that TV Alfa had already corrected the breaches of Article 61 from the Broadcasting Law in the next episode from the series “Life- 20 Years Independence”.

The Draft Working Program for 2012 was adopted, and also were adopted the “Report from the Second Technical Meeting and the Presentation of the Draft- Report of RM for the Midterm Universal Periodical Preview” and the “Report for Participation on the Regional Seminar “Gender Balance and the Media””.


On the same session the BC members reviewed the noted violations of the Broadcasting Law by local televisions. The most common violations are related to failure to comply the rules for protection of minors and the rules for advertising.
Number of imposed notifications and measures to broadcasters:

TV Kocani: 4 notifications
TV Kanal8: 3 notifications.

Sveti Nikole:

TV Svet: 2 notifications and 1 written warning.


TV Nova: 2 written warnings and 6 notifications.
TV dalga KRT: 2 written warning with an obligation for publishing
TV Festa: 3 notifications and 1 written warning with an obligation for publishing.
TV Hana: 5 notifications