A Study Prepared on “Pluralism of media ownership in the new media environment ”


Skopje, 7 August 2020 – In response to the needs of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, experts Jean Francois Furnemont and Snezhana Trpevska prepared a study on “Pluralism of media ownership in the new media environment”.

The study, which is available in both Macedonian and in English, aims to assess the current legal provisions concerning ownership concentration in the audiovisual sector and to recommend future policy steps. As a result, amendments and supplements to the Law on Media – and the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services in particular – are possible, given that the existing regulation on media ownership concentration is outdated, and these issues are gaining new meaning in the context of digital technologies, convergence, the spread of new internet media and the market and audience fragmentation.

The study was prepared under the project on “Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media in North Macedonia (JUFREX 2)”, as part of the joint programme of the European Union and the Council of Europe titled “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey 2019-2022”.

The study is available at the following link: Pluralism of media ownership in the new media environment (2020)