Cookie Policy

What kind of ‘cookies’ we use

The ‘cookies’ are small text files that are stored on your computer so that our website may keep track of the logs from your Internet browser. The Agency’s website uses only the type of ‘cookies’ that disappear after the Internet browser is turned off, unlike the ones that can remain stored on your computer for a long period of time.

Why we use ‘cookies’ 

With the help of such files, the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services monitors the traffic of visitors on its website and, in this way, collects data in order to improve the users’ experience and optimize and enhance the functionality of its website.

 What data do we collect? 

When visiting our website, considering the nature of the Internet, we collect data that register the users, but which, in themselves, are not sufficient to identify a specific person and only constitute statistical indicators that are used to improve the website’s quality. Such information may include the name of the Internet browser, the number of visits, the average time spent on the website, the device type and technical information about the connection used by the user when visiting the website, such as the operating system and the Internet service provider, the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses that are assigned on the part of the Internet providers and are different for each Internet user, as well as other similar information.

Social media cookies – Protection of personal data when using Facebook

A Facebook component has been integrated into the website. Whenever you visit our website, into which a Facebook component (Facebook plug-in) has been integrated, the web browser of your information system is automatically prompted to show the corresponding Facebook component. During this technical process, Facebook is notified about which website you have visited. Facebook receives information about your visit to our website whenever you are logged into Facebook while visiting our website. If you do not want these information to be transmitted to Facebook, log out of your Facebook user profile before visiting our website. The data protection guidelines published by Facebook are available at https://facebook.com/about/privacy . They contain information about the collection, processing and use of personal data by Facebook. In addition, they explain what settings Facebook offers to protect your privacy. Also, various settings options are available to disable the data transfer to Facebook.

Acceptance of the terms 

The user is offered a choice to give consent to the website to use ‘cookies’ or to decline. By allowing the use of ‘cookies’, the user agrees with the terms of this Cookie Policy. Your further use of the website, following the changes made to this Policy, shall be considered as your acceptance of the changes made.

Updated: march 2023