Summary of Session No.36/2021


Skopje, 14 December 2021 – Based on the findings of a conducted regular administrative supervision, which had detected violation of Article 15, Paragraph 3, of the Law on Media, i.e. failure to air data on the ownership structure, the editor/s in charge and the funding sources during the previous year within its own programme, the Agency Council imposed a public warning measure against Radio LAV Trade and Broadcasting Company from Ohrid.

At this session, the Agency Council also adopted two Decisions on deleting RADIO AKTUEL Bitola DOOEL and NOVA TV DOO Gevgelija Trade and Broadcasting Companies from the Broadcasters’ Register.

With the aim of finalizing the initiated procedure, which was in line with the 2021 Annual Public Procurement Plan of the Agency, the Council issued an approval to the Agency Director to provide the remaining amount of funds needed for carrying out the public procurement contract for the service: Internet connection and hosting of the existing Internet pages, including an amendment to the relevant Decision on the Need for Public Procurement.