Summary of Session No.38/2021


Skopje, 27 December 2021 – Due to violations detected in the course of regular and ad hoc programme and administrative supervision, the Agency Council adopted decisions on imposing public warning measures, as follows:

  • Against TRD Alfa TV Skopje, for incorrect programme categorization and broadcasting at an inappropriate period of time;
  • Against TRD SITI Television Skopje, for failing to broadcast at least 30% of programme originally created as Macedonian audiovisual works;
  • Against TRD TV Due Gostivar, due to failure to broadcast at least 30% of programme originally created as Macedonian audiovisual works; failure to air at least half of the legal minimum of originally created programme within the period from 7:00 until 19:00 hrs; airing product placement without it being clearly marked that the programme aired contained product placement; failure to provide information that should be made available to the users, and failure to air data it is obligated to air at an appropriate slot for each content of its programme service, and
  • Against DTU MTEL Skopje, for retransmitting programme services that have not been covered by the programme service registration certificate issued by the AAAVMS.

The Agency Council gave approval to the Director to adopt the Annual 2022 Public Procurement Plan, and decisions on approving funds for the procurement of legal services for 2022, and for providing funds for the 2022 subscription to the printed version of the “Official Gazette of RNM”.

At this session, the Agency Council also adopted a Decision to suspend the procedure regarding the detected illicit media concentration against TRD TV NOVA DOO Gevgelija, a Decision to initiate a procedure to detect the possible existence of illicit media concentration, ex officio, against TRD SITI Television Skopje, and a Decision permitting change in the ownership structure of TRD Urban FM Radio from Skopje.

Due to the need to take up additional measures and activities to prevent the infiltration and spread of the Corona virus, the Agency Council concluded decided to hold its sessions via video-conference link in the period from 1 January 2021 until 28 February 2022.