Summary of Session No.6/2022


Skopje, 21.02.2022 – Based on the findings of a control programme supervision, the Agency Council issued a public warning measure against the TRD ALFA TV DOOEL Skopje, for failing to act upon a previous decision for a public warning measure, i.e. failing to remove its violation of Article 50, Paragraph 3, of the LAAVMS, and Articles 16 and 17 of the Rulebook for the Protection of Minors.

At today’s session, the Agency Council adopted a Decision to suspend the procedure for establishing the existence of an illicit media concentration, ex officio, against TRD SITI Television DOOEL Skopje.

In order to initiate procedures that are in accordance with the Agency’s 2022 Annual Public Procurement Plan, the Council issued approvals to the Director of the Agency to conduct public procurement procedures for the following services: Study on establishing the justifiability of announcing a public contest for granting a television broadcasting license, financial and insurance services, airline tickets and lease of space for publishing advertisements in the daily newspapers