Summary of Sesion No.3/2022


Skopje, 28 January 2021 – At yesterday’s session, the Agency Council adopted a Decision approving the readjustment of the 2022 Financial Plan of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, this ensuring funds for the preparation of a study to determine the justifiability of announcing a public competition call for granting a TV broadcasting license at the state level.

Based on the regular supervision findings, the Agency Council issued a public warning measure to the “PET NET Gevgelija” Telecommunications Company, due to retransmission of programme services that had not been covered by the programme service registration certificates, which is contrary to Article 141 of the LAAVMS.

In order to initiate a procedure that is in accordance with the Agency’s 2022 Annual Public Procurement Plan, the Council granted an approval to the Agency Director to conduct a public procurement procedure for the following service: data on the radio stations’ reach and television stations’ share in the total viewership.

With the aim of harmonizing the technical and technological assets and establishing a procedure for disclaiming and disposal of the official mobile phones, the Agency Council adopted a Rulebook on Amending the Rulebook on the Use of Official Telephones and the 3G USB Modem in the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services.