15.04.2011 Denial of the Accusations of VMRO DPMNE

SKOPJE, 15.04.2011 – The Broadcasting Council is an independent regulatory authority and strongly denies the allegations, expressed on today’s press conference of the ruling party VMRO DPMNE. These allegations are the most non-democratic attempt of one political entity to put a pressure on one independent media regulatory authority.This kind of behavior suits to totalitarian regimes, and not to democratic societies.

The draft rulebooks for media coverage of the electoral activities have been adopted with the votes of all BC members according to the legal norms and the Book of Rules and Procedures of BC. These rulebooks have been put for a public debate, where almost all media participated, including representatives from the civil society and the international community; they have also been sent for a review to the State Election Commission. The conclusions of these public debates will be once more reviewed on the next BC session, where their final version will be adopted.
BC emphasizes that it is unethical and unserious for one political party to attack the BC President, Zoran Stefanoski, to spread lies about him and to jeopardize his human dignity and private live, unwilling to face the fact that BC is a collective regulatory body.