Media Literacy

In accordance with the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, the Agency has the obligation to promote media literacy. To this aim, the Agency has developed, using expert support, a Programme for Promoting Media Literacy in the Republic of Macedonia. The basic goals of the Programme are raising awareness about the media literacy concepts, contribution to understanding media literacy on the citizens’ part and improving the conditions for civic and democratic participation. In April 2017, a Macedonian Media Literacy Network was established on the Agency’s initiative. The Network was formed with the aim of promoting cooperation among the various stakeholders in Macedonian society who create and implement policies and conduct activities and projects in the media literacy sphere. The Network’s membership includes 37 entities coming from various, yet relevant, fields. It involves two ministries (for education and for labour and social policy, respectively); the Film Agency, the Directorate for Personal Data Protection, two privately-owned entities in the area of higher education; 10 broadcasters and 19 civic organizations ranging from the ones representing journalists, non-governmental organizations working on various aspects of the media sphere, to those advocating human rights.

The Network is continuously open to new members. Those interested should only fill in the accession forms and adopt the Network Formation Act (both available on the Agency’s website). 

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Research Related to Media Literacy

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