The operators of public electronic communication networks (better known as cable operators) retransmit programming packages composed of foreign and domestic programming services. They can perform retransmission only on the basis of a certificate issued by the Agency. Certificates are issued upon request, once an operator submits an application. Prior to this, the operator must have the author’s and related rights regulated.

The Operators’ Register currently includes 32 entities.

The Agency conducts programme supervision over the operators in terms of minors’ protection (ban on pornographic content in a non-coded form and ban on child pornography); use of languages (if different from the original language, the subtitles must be in Macedonian or the language spoken by at least 20 % of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, except teleshopping and advertisements); retransmission of registered programming services only (on the basis of a certificate issued by the Agency), and adherence to the service area stated in the license (the operator must not retransmit the programme of a domestic broadcaster outside the area covered by the latter’s broadcasting license).

Once supervision is conducted, the Agency prepares a report. If infringement is detected, the Agency imposes a warning measure against the operator at issue, or, should the latter continue to commit the same violation against the law throughout the year, it initiates a misdemeanour procedure before a competent court authority.