Electronic Media



31.10.2023 – Rulebook on the Minimum Technical, Spatial, Financial and Staffing Requirements for Obtaining Radio and Television Broadcasting Licenses (download in pdf)

12.03.2015 – Rulebook on sponsorship (download in pdf)

12.03.2015 – Rulebook on the Method of Keeping Daily Records and the Quality of the Recordings of Programmes Transmitted by the Broadcasters (download in pdf)

27.02.2015 – Rulebook on the New Advertising Techniques (download in pdf)

27.02.2015 – Rulebook on the Manner of Publishing Data about the Broadcasters’ Work (download in pdf)

04.12.2014 – Rulebook on Broadcasting European Audiovisual Works and Works by Independent Producers (download in pdf)

04.12.2014 – Rulebook on the Obligation to Broadcast Originally Created Programme, Music, Documentary and Feature Programmes (download in pdf)

12.12.2014 – Rulebook on Prize-Giving Programmes and the Use of Value-Added Telephone Services (download in pdf)

04.12.2014 – Rulebook for Leveling the tone of Audiovisual Content (download in pdf)

21.11.2014 – Rulebook on the Protection of Minors (download in pdf)

21.11.2014 – Rulebook on the Formats of Broadcasters’ Programme Services (download in pdf)

21.11.2014 – Rulebook on the Areas of Broadcasting Television and Radio Programme Services (download in pdf)

19.11.2014 – Rulebook on the Form and Content of Ownership Structure Change Notifications (download in pdf)


29.03.2019 – Media Literacy Policy (download in pdf)


17.02.2015 – Plan for Assignment and Allocation of Digital Terrestrial Multiplex Transmission Capacities to Operators of Public Electronic Communication Network Obligated to Transmit the Broadcasters’ Programme Services (download in pdf).


26.04.2024 – Guidelines for broadcasters Pertaining to the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections (consolidated text) (download in pdf)

09.10.2018 – Guidelines On Implementing The Obligations Related To Impressum And To Information That Should Be Made Available To The Users (download in pdf)

03.05.2018г.- Guidelines On Monitoring The Implementation Of The Programme Concept (download in pdf)

12.03.2015 – Guidelines on the Right to Short Reporting on Events Where Exclusive Broadcasting Rights Have Been Acquired (download in pdf)

30.12.2014 – Guidance on Implementing Product Placement Rules (download in .pdf)

19.11.2014 – Guidelines on the Method of Classifying the Types of Audio and Audiovisual Programmes (download in pdf)


12.03.2015 – Decision on Establishing a List of Events of major Importance for the Public in the Republic of Macedonia (download in pdf)


Guidelines of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services on monitoring of the application of reporting standards in gender-based violence cases in the media (download in pdf)

Guide for Monitoring “Hate speech” (download in pdf)