June 13, 2012 The BC revoked the license of A2 TV because of unfulfilling the format

Skopje, June 13, 2012 – The Broadcasting Council on today’s session concluded that despite the several given deadlines to coordinate their working with the broadcasting activity law and the conditions determined in the license, the satellite broadcasting entity A2 TV until today has not adjust its program in accordance with the granted license, after which, according to article 63 from the law, the Broadcasting Council revoked the license of the broadcasting entity A2 TV.

The last monitoring of A2 TV program service has shown that this broadcaster seriously deviates from the mainly entertaining general format that the broadcaster was assigned to. Instead of having 65% of the programs that fulfill entertainment function, the television broadcasted 75.68%, and more than two thirds of the program is rebroadcasted releases.

The regular monitoring of the broadcasters’ programs executed by the BC has shown serious deviation regarding the format of A2 TV. In the period from February this year, the BC in several attempts has seriously pointed out to A2 TV that they need to adjust to the terms from the license and to the broadcasting activity law. For this purpose, the members from the BC have personally informed the manager of A2 TV, as well as the trustee of the bankrupt’s estate.