July 09, 2012 BC initiated a License Revoking Procedure for TV Shutel

Skopje, July 09, 2012 – On today’s session BC initiated a procedure for revoking of TV Shutel’s broadcasting license.

The monitoring, conducted from June 25 to July 1 showed drastic aberration of the TV Shutel programming format, compared to the format, determined in the broadcasting license – “TV programme service of a general format, in which all types of programming accomplish the three media functions.” The goal of this monitoring was to determine, whether this broadcaster has been making any efforts to adjust its aired programming to the programme conditions in the broadcasting license. The last monitoring showed that TV Shutel had not taken into consideration the BC remarks from the previous monitoring and didn’t reduce the entertainment content, which is over 91% from the total programming in order to introduce more informative (4,85%) and educational (3,74%) programming.
Bigger part of the aired programming, produced by TV Shutel, no matter if it is of an entertaining, informative or educational nature, had been aired for the first time before 2012, and now is just re-run.