Skopje, 18.04.2016 –The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services reacts most strongly against the attempts at manipulating and distorting the truth by claiming that it has sought to   censor the edition of the Milenko Nedelkovski Show aired on the night between 15 and 16 April 2016.

We wish to stress that the regulatory authority never checks the programmes of the broadcasters before they are aired, but only after they have been seen by the audience already. Hence, the claims published in certain print media, online media and the social networks that the show was censored is completely pointless. The editorial  responsibility for what is aired in the broadcasters’ programmes is solely theirs, so the decision to use a high-frequency sound  over certain parts of what was said in Milenko Nedelkovski show was adopted by Kanal 5 TV.

The ungrounded claims, as the one about the alleged censorship – which is banned by the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia – are merely a continuation of the futile attempts at putting pressure on the Agency on the part of those entities that do not have any respect for the professional  standards or the laws governing the media sphere.