Summary of the 26th Session

SKOPJE, 06.07.2012- On today’s’ session, the BC adopted the Draft-Project for celebration of the 15th Jubilee of BC.
Regarding the complain from the VMRO-National Party (VMRO NP), the BC decided to send a letter to TV Sitel, TV Kanal5 and MRT, in which it will inform these TV broadcastes about the complain from VMRO National Party. Taking into account the independence of these broadcasters in the shaping of their programming, BC will also remind them about the necessity for all broadcasters to adhere to the principles, outlined in Article 68, paragraph 2, lines 8 and 9 of the Broadcasting Law.
The BC will also send a letter to VMRO – National Party, in which it will inform about the content of the letter addressed to the three TV stations and about the legal procedure for using the right on reply and correction, according to the provisions from Chapter XII from the Broadcasting Law. BC also asked VMRO- National Party to share with BC the correspondence this political party had with these three broadcasters.