Summary of the 5th session

SKOPJE, 03/20/2012 – The Broadcasting Council on its today’s session has passed down a resolution by which the seize of validity of the license for performing broadcasting activity of A1 TV is determined, because of the factual and legal basis for application of the article 62, paragraph 1, line 4 from the broadcasting activity law.

The Report on the realization of the obligations for protection and nourishment of the cultural identity on radio and television programs in 2011 was also adopted, which arises as an obligation from the National Program for adopting the Acquis Communautaire for 2011. Through a discussion it was concluded that the broadcasters in the previous year did not sufficiently satisfy the quota for originally created program, therefore it was decided to send additional indication to all the broadcasters to pay more attention to this aspect in the future.

Because of the fact that MEDI TV from Bitola and DJ Slave TV from Struga have been unavailable for a longer period of time, the Broadcasting Council decided to undertake activities in the direction of determining the factual condition of these two broadcasters.
Related to the concluded change in the ownership structure of Gurra TV from Kichevo, without a previously required approval from the Broadcasting Council, the regulator decided to sentence written warning to this broadcaster. The Broadcasting Council concluded the removed illicit media concentration at the broadcasting entity Sky Radio Plus from Berovo.

The Broadcasting Council decided to notify the producers that have begun the realization of their public interests projects that until the 1st December 2012 the latest they should complete the projects, and if in the envisaged deadline they do not submit a final project, the Broadcasting Council will ask them to return the paid means.

The Council reviewed the Information on the short term and the medium term measures for development of the media on Romani language in the Republic of Macedonia, by a proposal of conclusion on the further acting of the Broadcasting Council, having in mind the recommendations and the activities contained in the Strategy for Roma population in the Republic of Macedonia, in the part related to the electronic media on Romani language. In those frames, despite the other, the legal and the technical possibilities for dispersion of the signal of the current regional televisions on Romani language in Skopje, in the interior parts of the Republic of Macedonia, especially in those part where there is bigger concentration of Roma population.

The Broadcasting Council reviewed the correspondence of Alfa TV regarding the decision of the editorial not to broadcast the program ‘’Vo centar’’ (‘’In the Centre’’). The demands of Kanal 5 TV and Sitel TV for the assessment of the presence of music in their programs have also been reviewed and adopted, during which the Broadcasting Council will submit to the broadcasters information that it already disposes of.