12.08.2010 BC verified the Mandates of the Two New Members, Alma Mashovikj and Boris Arsov

SKOPJE 12.08.2010 – On its last session the Broadcasting Council verified the mandates of the two new members, M.Sc Alma Mashovikj, Graduated Machine Engineer and M.Sc. Boris Arsov, Graduated Electrical Engineer; now the Council works with all members’ position filled.

The progress of the digitalization of the analogue broadcasting sector in the country and creation of a sustainable media market will be in the focus of the work of M.Sc. Boris Arsov, Graduated Electrical Engineer, who was recently elected by the Macedonian Parliament member of the Broadcasting Council: “The further progress in the process of digitalization, especially in the field of public broadcasting, encouragement of creation of content for new technologies and bringing bigger transparency in the media ownership – in this direction will move my contribution as a BC member. Of course one of the priorities is the Euro-integration processes and I will personally engage myself in consistent implementation of the European standards in media sector.”- said M.Sc. Arsov, after the verification of the mandates of the new members.
BC also verified the mandate of M.Sc. Alma Mashovikj, Graduated Machine Engineer as a new member of the Council: ”The freedom of speech and media, which is a constitutionally guaranteed category, must always be fostered and improved.  Although the media are mostly privately owned, they have a public responsibility – out of this derives the importance for their affirmation as a social tool for spreading tolerance, mutual respect and above all they should serve as a forum for social dialog and exchange of different positions and points of view, which are of interest for everybody and are of a crucial importance for further democratization of the country. Exactly here I see the European future of our media landscape.” – emphasized M.Sc. Mashovikj.
The total number of BC members is 9. Two new members have a mandate of six years. Official nominators of members are: the Macedonian Academy of Scienses and Arts, the Inter- University Conference, the majority association of Journalists and the Parliamentary Committee for Appointments and Dismissals.