06.10.2010 Written Warning for TVA1 for the Broadcast Abort

SKOPJE, 06.10.2010 – The Broadcasting Council (BC) adopted a sanction “written warning“ to TVA1  on today’s session, because of the voluntary abortion of its programming on 4th of October.

With the abortion of the program, TV A1 breached the article 72 from the Broadcasting Law, which foresees an obligation – a television on a national level to broadcast programming at least 12 hours daily.

On the session of the Council it was concluded that in the last case with TV A1, the public wad been confused that the BC sanctioned A1 to stop the broadcast, which was absolutely not true, but the sanction foresaw only ban for broadcast of advertisements within one day during a previous elections period. In the same time, the members of the Council asked the media to not apply the legal sanctions foreseen in the Law as they like, but to act according to BC orders.

Also, it was pointed out that the broadcasters are obligated to respect the obligations undertaken with the broadcasting license. BC as an independent regulatory authority reaffirmed its position not to allow the centers of economical or political power or the broadcasting industry to influence on its work.