13.05.2011 The BC will initiate Misdemeanor Proceeding against A1 TV for Violation of the Rules for Media Coverage of the Pre-elections Activities


SKOPJE, 13.05.2011 – Today the Broadcasting Council (BC) decided to initiate a misdemeanor proceeding against the A1 Television because of violation of the Election Code.

The analysis of the TV A1 programme showed that in the news of A1 TV non scientific and non representative research method of the public opinion was used, by voting of viewers over telephone. Doing this, TV A1 violated Article 75 from the Election Code and the Article 13 from the “Rulebook for the conduct of the broadcasters in the period before the start of the election campaign”. The regulation in these by-laws prohibits presentation of results from non scientific and non representative researches of the public opinion, as voting of the viewers over telephone (televoting), internet polls etc.

From Monday, 18th of May, the “Rulebook for the equitable approach in the media” will be applied. The BC continues with the regular monitoring and will impose measures immediately, if irregularities are detected.