02.12.2011 The BC penalized TV Kanal5 for Hate Speech in the “Milenko Nedelkovski Show”

SKOPJE, 02.12.2011 – Two days ban for commercials and teleshopping is the measure, which the Broadcasting Council (BC) adopted for broadcasting TV content that contained hate speech, on today’s session.

The communication analysis of the Kanal5 programming, aired on 18.11.2011, stated that in the show on TV Kanal5, “Milenko Nedelkovski Show” the Article 69 from the Broadcasting Law was violated. Namely, while the speaker and at the same time author of the show talks about the journalists who formally worked in TV A1, Shpic and Vreme, he discusses their employment in other media, without providing any context or arguments why their new work position would be a problem; also there is no possibility given to the opposite side to present contra arguments. On this manner the viewers can only hear the names of the journalists that according to Nedelkovski are betrayers, mercenaries, police emissaries and tasters, and one gets an impression that the same journalists are guilty because they think or act differently, than the speaker in the show.
In tagging and stigmatizing of those who think differently –  a group of journalists – Milenko Nedelkovski shows an open intolerance with elements of hate speech and creates a conflict atmosphere.
In the spirit of the program standards, the BC called all media professionals to keep to the professional standards, to practice non-biased informing as well as to work in a direction of decreasing the social tensions.