April 06, 2012 Sitel TV has the exclusive rights to broadcast the handball matches for the qualification tournaments for the Olympic Games of 2012

Skopje, April 06, 2012 – The Broadcasting Council (BC) to all the public communication networks’ operators (cable, IPTV, DVB-T) that rebroadcast foreign program services in the Republic of Macedonia, where there will be also a transmission of the handball qualification tournaments for a ranking at the Olympic Games in London, has required the broadcasters to darken the screen in the period when this tournaments will be rebroadcasted.

The Broadcasting Council has notified as well the broadcasters for the legal possibility for a brief reporting in accordance with article 160, paragraph 2 from the broadcasting activity law in the duration of 90 seconds, intended for the informative programs.

Sitel TV has bought the exclusive television rights for broadcasting the handball matches of the qualification tournaments for raking at the Olympic Games in London 2012, that will take place from the 6th until 8th April in Sweden, Spain and Croatia.