February 14, 2013 The Broadcasting Council congratulates on the world radio day


The day February 14, 2013 was declared as World Radio Day by UNESCO. The aim is to raise the awareness of the importance of the radio among the public and the media, to encourage networking and international cooperation among broadcasters, to promote the access to information and freedom of expression through the waves of this medium.

The radio, as a universal medium that reaches to various communities and marginalised groups, while offering fun, education, exercising of the right to freedom of expression, public debates, is an integral part of the everyday life of many people. With the development of the Internet and mobile technologies its reach and opportunities have been further increased.

The Broadcasting Council recommends that the media, if they are able to celebrate this day through debates and discussions with representatives from the media, policy makers, experts, briefly report on some of the topics discussed at the event organised by UNESCO on 13 February through contact radio shows with listeners about the importance of the radio or other appropriate means.