September 5, 2013 Today we marked 16 years of existence of the Broadcasting Council

Skopje, September 5, 2013 – The Broadcasting Council (BC) at its 42nd session, celebrated its 16 – year existence.

The BC President PhD Zoran Trajchevski referred to one of the most significant events in the Macedonian media domain – the digitisation of the television signal and the drawing up of a Strategy for Development of the Broadcasting Activity in the Republic of Macedonia in the period from 2013-2017. The Council ambitiously monitored the media ownership structure, the compliance with the programme obligations of broadcasters, as provided by the Law on Broadcasting, the bylaws and the broadcasting license.

“By the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Services, the Broadcasting Council has developed into an Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media. No matter how this regulatory body will be called, what I can promise you is that we will continue to ensure free media, the right of every citizen, political party, non-governmental organisation to express its opinion, the right of citizens to have diverse and high quality programme .“ – stated the President of BC, PhD Zoran Trajchevski.

A brief overview of the work of the Council during the past year was also provided by the Deputy President of BC, PhD Milaim Fetai.