Meetings with broadcasters regarding the Rulebook on the technical, spatial , financial and staffing requirements for acquiring a licence held


Skopje 22 November 2013. The Broadcasting Council, on 8 November 2013, adopted the Rulebook on the technical, spatial, financial and staffing requirements for obtaining a license to perform a broadcasting activity.

More specifically, the Rulebook prescribes the technical and spatial requirements, standards and parameters, the number and structure of employees needed to perform the activity and the financial conditions, that broadcasters should meet in order to be able to broadcast programme on a local, regional and national level.

Given that the Rulebook also applies to broadcasters that have already received a licence to perform a broadcasting activity, the Broadcasting Council, on 19 , 20 and 22 November 2013 held meetings with the existing radios and televisions. The purpose of the meetings was to explain the obligations arising from the Rulebook and to initiate a discussion to clarify possible uncertainties relating thereto.