A meeting with the operators of public electronic communication networks was held

The Agency for Audio And Audiovisual Media Services held a meeting with the operators of public communication networks aimed at familiarising the representatives of the public communication networks with the obligations that arise from the newly adopted Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services.

At the meeting, the President of the Agency, PhD Zoran Trajchevski and the Head of the Department for Prevention of Piracy and Protection of Copyright and Related Rights , Slobodan Belichanski, put the emphasis on the responsibility for programme monitoring by the Agency, subtitling of foreign television programme services, keeping a register of operators of public electronic communication networks in the Agency, the obligation for paying an annual fee for supervision by the operators and the obligation of operators for continuous delivery of the output signal to the regional location specified by the Agency, in order to enable its delivery to the system for programme monitoring at the Agency’s headquarters in Skopje.

The operators, with their participation and involvement in the debate, expressed their interest in the new legislation and willingness to comply with the new legislation and by-laws the adoption of which will follow.

The presentation of the meeting can be viewed at the following link: here.