Agency Holds Its First Public Meeting

Skopje, 19 March 2014 – Today, the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services held its First Public Meeting, in line with the obligations laid down in the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services. The meeting was aimed at allowing all interested parties to express their viewpoints and opinions regarding the development of audio and audiovisual media Services in the Republic of Macedonia.
The meeting was held by President of the Agency Council Zoran Trajchevski, Ph. D., and Deputy President of the Agency Council Milaim Fetai, Ph.D.
Head of the Professional Services of the Agency Andriana Skerlev-Chakar, M.A., elaborated on the status and realization of the Agency’s activities since the new law had come into force, the fulfillment of the goals under the annual work programme of the Agency, while the Head of the Department for Research and Long-Term Development, Magdalena Davidovska-Dovleva, M.A., dwelled on the situation on the broadcasting market, interpreting the results of the 2012 market analysis.

Prof. Lazar Sekulovski, M.A., of the Faculty of Drama Arts, dwelled on the international and regional experiences in terms of the integration of media education into the national, i.e. regional, curricula and spoke about the needs and opportunities for implementing media education into the educational system of the Republic of Macedonia.
The stances and opinions presented at the First Public Meeting, as well as the Agency’s stance regarding the same, will be published on the Agency’s website within seven days from the day of holding the public meeting.


Presentations at the Meeting

Realization of the Agency’s Activities and Fulfillment of the Goals under Its Annual Work Programme, by Andriana Skerlev-Chakar, M.A. 

Situation on the Market of Audio and Audiovisual Media Services in the Republic of Macedonia, Magdalena Davidovska-Dovleva, M.A.,

Implementation of Media Literacy into the Educational System of the Republic of Macedonia, by Lazar Sekulovski, M.A. 

The Agency’s stance regarding the First Public Meeting can be downloaded at this link