The Agency held its first public meeting


Skopje, 23.03.2015 – Today, the Agency held its first public meeting in 2015, in line with the obligations under the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services,. The meeting was opened by Mr. Zoran Trajchevski, Ph. D., Director of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services.

At the meeting, Ms. Dragica Ljubevska, M. A., Head of the Department for Coordination and Support to the Director and Agency Council’s Operations, presented the current state of affairs concerning the realization of the Agency’s activities and goals set by the Agency’s Annual Work Plan. The Head of the Strategic Planning and Authors’ Rights Department, Ms. Magdalena Davidovska-Dovleva, M.A., and the Head of the IT Support and General Affairs Department. Mr. Arben Saiti, M.A., presented the results of the expert supervision conducted in February this year in order to verify if the broadcasters who had had their licenses replaced, as well as those who received new licenses for television broadcast, met the technical, spatial and staffing conditions in accordance with the Rulebook on Minimum Spatial, Financial and Staffing Conditions for Receiving a License for Radio and Television Broadcasting.

As part of the preparation of a broader programme for promoting media literacy, the Agency composed a Plan for Popularizing the Right of Reply and Correction, aimed at raising the citizens and legal entities’ awareness about the possibility to correct false information and protect their honour and reputation by using the mechanism provided under the Law on Media, and at enabling the audio and audiovisual media service providers to better acquaint themselves with their obligations and rights when airing replies and corrections. The Head of the Human Rights and Media Literacy Division, Ms. Emilija Petreska-Kamenjarova, M.A., presented a more detailed outline on this topic.