17th Plenary Assembly of the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities held in Split

06.10.2015 – The Agency for Electronic Media of the Republic of Croatia hosted, on 1 and 2 October 2015, the 17th Plenary Assembly of the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities (MNRA), which was attended by representatives of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services.

The MNRA’s future, its goals and its operation, migration and human rights and their representation in the media, media literacy and the challenges for the regulators in this context, were some of the topics discussed. The Maltese regulatory authority presented the findings of a research conducted among the regulatory bodies and the Network’s members and, based on these findings, the key topics for consideration were indicated in the context of the MNRA’s reform.

The regulatory authorities of Catalonia and Lebanon set the basis for discussing the representation of the emigration in the media, while the regulators from Andalusia, Croatia, Morocco and Bosnia and Herzegovina presented their experiences in the area of media literacy development.

Also presented was the MNRA’s study involving the regulatory authorities of Morocco, Andalusia, Catalonia and Croatia about the gender stereotypes in commercial communications, which was an introduction into the discussion about gender in commercial communications.

The Assembly participants elected the new presidency of the Network for the period 2015-2016, handing it over to the Croatian regulatory authority, while the vice-presidential regulatory body of Spain was entrusted with the vice-presidential role.